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Pumla: towards a more profitable business

Meet Pumla – flooring expert, and interior designer extraordinaire.  She is one of the Fix Forward newbies, having only officially joined our platform this year.  Her zest for life and passionate approach to her work have already made her an asset to our clients.  We know Pumla will go far, and we are excited to join her on her journey.

Towards a more profitable business

Pumla explains that her reason for joining Fix Forward was to work toward a more sustainable business.  By joining us she aimed to increase her client base and learn from our workshops how she could better manage her business.

“The workshops alone – they were so so so helpful!” says Pumla.  “The main takeout for me was to look at my business as a business.  Previously I always had a challenge with quoting, because you must remember that when you are doing something that you thoroughly enjoy, like really really enjoy and you feel guilty sometimes to charge for it. The workshop helped me take the emotions out of quoting, so it was helpful,” says Pumla. Pumla humorously added that she in fact sleeps next to her Fix Forward workshop file – how funny is that!

“I have this idea of this bucket that is leaking and Fix Forward helped me start closing some of the holes of that bucket so that I become more profitable” says Pumla.

Access to the market

“I respect the platform; it makes sense” says Pumla.  “This is because the biggest challenge with running your own business is market access. So, getting access to the market is probably the best way to create jobs, because when you place your business with us it is going to eventually ensure that I have people that are permanently employed. So, for me if you want to help, if you want to change the economy of this country, support small businesses and make sure that you place your business with people that support small businesses” says Pumla.

Pumla’s passion project

When we met up with Pumla on her latest “heart project” we were blown away not only by the quality of her work, but by her incredible generosity and passion.  She has raised the funds herself to re-do some of the facilities at Masonwabe Primary School in Delft.  She has already transformed what was a dull concrete hall, into a beautiful vibrant space and has begun work on what she terms “humanizing the school toilets for the learners”  Pumla’s business slogan of “creating beautiful spaces that say you matter” could not be more true.  We are amazed at the incredible work that this talented, hardworking and caring individual is doing, and we could not be more happy to have her as part of our Fix Forward family.

Hire a Fix Forward contractor like Pumla and help us turn dreams in to reality!

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