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Raymond’s success story

Meet Raymond, one of our expert painters.  He began his journey many years ago at Paint Masters where he worked for an impressive 13 years. It’s safe to say that after so long in the industry, Raymond knows his stuff!  Bigger things were calling however, and a desire to build a legacy and look after his growing family saw Raymond making the bold choice to begin his solo journey.

Building his business:

After his extensive career at Paint Masters, Raymond left to begin freelancing and began to plan his future.  He officially registered his business in 2014 and planned to combine his knowledge with other industry professionals to offer multiple services under one roof.   “I began to do other things, not just paining.  In fact, I’ve built four houses from the ground up,” says Raymond.

Empowering others:

What’s particularly interesting about Raymond’s business is that he often chooses to employ women.  We’re so used to seeing men in the construction industry that this comes an interesting and unexpected change.

“I come from a community that is very deprived.  The women don’t have work and are really struggling. I try to train and upskill the women from my community through my business, especially the single women, so that they too can make a living,” says Raymond.

Joining Fix Forward:

Although Raymond officially registered his business in 2014, it took him a while to fully get the ball rolling. In fact, it wasn’t until Raymond joined Fix Forward that he began to seriously operate under his company name. We are glad to have given him a firm foundation, through our workshops, to help push things to the next level.

“Fix Forward has helped me with many things.  For instance, their professionalism workshop just helped me land a job.  The client chose me because of how I was able to communicate with him professionally,” says Raymond.  “Fix Forward has also helped with marketing and a client base.”

Raymond’s success story:

It is Raymond’s drive and passion that set him apart and make us feel honoured to have him on board.  Raymond did not have it easy, and many obstacles stood in his way.  Despite this, he persevered against all odds and can be proud of how far he has come.

“I come from a very humble circumstance. I know what it is to drink water with sugar and a piece of dry bread. My success story is from rags, from a dark background to a much better space.  I can’t say I’m rich, but I can say I made it,” says Raymond.

“The biggest thing that I discovered about success is that it is in yourself.  That is what Fix Forward taught me.  Everything that you do starts with yourself,” says Raymond.

You’re in good company