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Redoh: the Fix Forward model

Meet Redoh Kimmie, one of our newer contractors.  Redoh joint the Fix Forward family three months ago.  As such you may be wondering what there is to report on after only three months.  A lot is the answer!  Redoh is yet another example of why we believe in our model so much, as he is already reaping the benefits of joining our platform.  Here is his story.

Increased access to clients:

“Fix Forward has basically given me a growth in my business.  If it wasn’t for Fix Forward, I would only have had one job for December.  Because of Fix Forward I had five jobs for December” says Redoh.

At Fix Forward our contractors get increased access to the marketplace of clients looking for contractors to get their renovations done.  Whilst our contractors are encouraged to market independently our platform takes the sole burden of marketing off the contractor, giving our contractors access to a wider client base than ever before.

Our training and development programs.

Aside from access to our marketplace, Redoh notes that he has additionally benefitted from our training and development workshops.  Before Joining us Redoh explains that he struggled with quotations and managing his finances, and that this is something that we were able to assist him with.

“The training has helped me in the way of quotations, in the way of managing my business and basically working out my goals and where I want to be within about a year or two years’ time” says Redoh.  “I also just got in contact with my mentor and coach now and will be meeting them soon – I’m very excited” added Redoh.

Why Fix Forward

Here at Fix Forward we strive to equip our contractors with the knowledge and tools to be the best most professional entrepreneurs possible. It is programs like these that enable us to support our contractors in offering clients a top-class service.

“If you utilise Fix Forward you know that you will get a company that has been vetted – a company that will offer you excellent service and a company that will basically do the best to complete your job and make your dreams a reality” says Redoh

We are excited for the year ahead and look forward to supporting Redoh on his business venture.

If you would like to join the Fix Forward community and take your business to new heights, you can find our application form here: https://fixforward.com/become-refer-a-contractor

If you would like to book a Fix Forward contractor, you can do so here: https://fixforward.com/book-now/.  Our contractors work hard, and regularly go the extra mile.  Your support means the world to them and allows them to pursue their goals and aspirations.

You’re in good company