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We can connect you with up to 3 skilled home pros to take care of any roofing needs you may have.

So whether you need some roof maintenance, or your roof needs repairing or replacing, or you’re looking for a whole new roof to be built, our expert home pros can make sure it’s handled expertly.

Roofing projects we handle:

  • Roof maintenance
  • Replacement and repair
  • New roof building

Find a roofing expert

One of the toughest specialists to source is a roofing expert. Be it for repairs or for doing a roof from scratch, this is a serious area of specialisation and a space in which you definitely don’t want to make mistake and hire the wrong home pro. It is also a tough area to find somebody whose work you like.

So how do you find the right person or team to take care of the roof of your house or building? It is not always easy. Here are some tips to help you search for and vet the credentials of roofing home pros.

Align with the experts

Remember that you are not the first person to be looking for a roofer. Many have gone before you and there are specialist platforms like ours that are designed to find you the perfect person or people for your job. The stated mission of the Fix Forward team is ‘to connect you to skilled, independent home pros, who we mentor and empower to deliver professional services with purpose.’

In short, ours is a site that vets and trains and affords a profile to independent roofers and other home pros who are looking to make it in their chosen field.

The process is really simple as well. Complete the online questionnaire and almost instantly you will be connected with relevant people for the job based on your location and requirements. It really could not be much easier.

Roofing home pro hire pointers

Start with Google and search for roofing home pros or roofers. Google is designed to give you the most relevant answers to you based on your search criteria and location. So it should turn up operators in your area.

It goes without saying that it is only going to return results of companies who have websites, so there might be a few old-school people who haven’t taken their business online yet – but the reality is those people will be few and far between.

Spend some time perusing some of the websites and look out for things like images of their work and referrals from happy clients. Look to see when they were founded and who currently owns them. There is a lot of information that can be gleaned from a website and you should milk it for all that it is worth.

Be aware at all times that a website is a marketing tool that has been produced by the company to promote itself – so it will be biased – but that is okay. Much like a roof a website is also something that needs maintenance and attention to detail. If the website is old and out-of-date and looks as though it hasn’t seen much love in recent times, then you should ask yourself if you are okay with these people taking care of your roof.

Extra roof home pro info

The original social media platform is home to almost three billion people. Aside from individual pages there are many community groups and corporate pages. Community pages are a great place to source information. Find a relevant community group (there will almost certainly be one for the suburb you live in) and ask for recommendations.

This is a super useful way of finding near neighbours who have gone through the process that you are about to embark on. Take to heart what they say and speak to those people they recommend. Also don’t be afraid to ask what could have been done better.

What is worth remembering is that there will be at least one dissatisfied client for almost every home pro, so you are going to get some negative reports if you ask. The key is not to look at individual negative responses, but rather to look for trends and patterns.

How we work

How does Fix Forward work?

  • Complete a quick online form with your job request.
  • We connect you to multiple home pros to quote.
  • Choose which home pro to work with and pay them directly.
  • Review your home pro at the end of the job.


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