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Sanding your floors: John’s most recent renovation project

Over time, no matter how good your upkeep, your floors will start to look a little dull.  Do not fear – they can and should be renewed through sanding and recoating! Floor sanding is an integral part of keeping your hardwood floors looking as good as new, and it will ultimately save you money in the long run This is a job for one of our expert contractors, who will give your home that brand-new fresh feel all over again.

John’s Projects

Indeed, one of John’s most recent projects has included just this.  For this renovation John and his team embarked on numerous alterations, such as adding additional rooms to the existing house, designing flawless built-in cupboards, and of course revitalising the beautiful wooden flooring of this old Pinelands home.

John and his team sanded the flooring down and gave it a fresh coat of sealant. This relatively easy upgrade brightened the whole room, and made the space feel fresh and new and – well we’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Typically, hardwood floors need only be sanded and refinished once every seven to ten years, depending on how much foot traffic goes through the area. So how do you know if your floors need refinishing?

Gray floorboards

Floorboards that have turned gray indicate water damage.   This is because when the polyurethane wears off, the wood absorbs the water.  When the wood absorbs the water, it oxidizes and turns gray.  Eventually, if you don’t repair your floors, the wood will turn darker and darker until it’s black. At that point, you will need to replace the floors (as sanding won’t solve it).

Lots of scratches

Pro tip: Use furniture pads

Furniture pads are vital to prevent scratches in your flooring.  We recommend putting furniture pads on the legs of ALL your furniture.  This may seem a bit excessive, but scratches are some of the toughest problems to solve in wood floors. You’ll thank us later!

Water damage

When there is water damage you will start to see separation and/or cupping of boards as well as some dark areas.

Fading or discoloration cause by sunlight

If you see major sun damage to the floors (which is coming from the UV rays), you may want to refinish the floors. Sanding and refinishing will generally take care of this as it removes the top layer and then you can apply a new stain

We’re always just a click or call away so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Book one of our expert contractors to get your floors looking as good as new again!

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