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Shaun: a legacy business

Shaun is a versatile individual with a zest for life, and did we mention – an excellent builder too!  Beginning his entrepreneurial journey some 16 years ago, it is safe to say that Shaun has accumulated the kind of experience that you just cannot buy.

A family legacy.

Shaun is no island, and over and above his team of experts, he is joined by a wealth of family members.  In fact, Shaun’s brother who has 30 years of experience in the building industry, has come out of retirement to accompany Shaun on his building journey.  He now acts as Shaun’s site manager.  Furthermore, one of Shaun’s permanent employees is his nephew, and his two (adult) children are shareholders.

“I am going to leave a legacy behind,” says Shaun, who is excited by the idea of passing his business down.

Coaching for success

At Fix Forward our contractors meet with a professional coach on a monthly basis, to unlock their potential to overcome obstacles and challenges in their personal and professional lives.  This coaching has been the highlight of Shaun’s Fix Forward experience.

“In the beginning I had blinkers on, and Stephen (Shaun’s coach) has taken those blinkers off.  Sometimes I get excited two weeks before the time because I know I am going to have a session with him,” says Shaun.

Read more about Stephen’s approach to coaching here.

Staying positive, and building good customer relations

Shaun shared with us that business this year has been incredibly slow and, given the pandemic, it’s not hard to understand why people are hesitant to go ahead with big projects.  Despite this, Shaun has remained positive, and the tenacity and resourcefulness he has shown are testament to his character.  Clients that have worked with Shaun have only positive things to say, and we know that he will go far.

“There’s a big project I am busy with now, and this client keeps on telling me he is impressed with the way I communicate; he’s impressed with the way I structure my stuff, and he’s impressed with the way I give feedback and advice.  So that’s the things that I am focusing on now – to have that kind of relationship where my clients can say wow this is the kind of guy I want to work with,” says Shaun.

We’re impressed by Shaun and are excited for what the future holds for this multitalented, hardworking individual.  We are excited to be part of his journey and are grateful to have a platform that connects us to such driven and passionate individuals.  Our expert contractors are just a call click away, so don’t hesitate to book one now.

You’re in good company