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She Shed Ideas: How to Create the Perfect Personal Space

When you share a living space with other people, it’s totally normal to want your own slice of the world. Much like “man caves”, the “she shed” has taken the world by storm. These are usually small rooms in the house, or external spaces like converted sheds (hence the name), wendy houses, or built-on home extensions. 

Sometimes also called “hen houses” or “lady lairs”, these she sheds are dedicated spaces for women to have some time away from the rest of their family. Women typically use these spaces to focus on their hobbies and interests, do some working out, or even as an office space. 

If you’re interested in building your own she shed (or man cave!), then keep reading for some easy she shed ideas to get you started. 

Blue garden shed with benches and chairs scattered around it.

Determine the Primary Purpose

Since she sheds are so small, it’s important to know the primary purpose of the space before you start creating it. This way, you create a functional design that works for this purpose. 

Some popular she shed uses include:

  • Office space
  • Art studio
  • Cosy haven or relaxation centre
  • Gym space
  • Gardening station
  • Craft or hobby station

Thinking about the purpose of the space ensures your design is functional. Design with the right amount of space, seating, storage, and flooring materials in mind before you think about the style of the decor. 

She shed ideas include offices, studios, gyms, and other personal spaces. Image of woman sitting at a desk surrounded by windows.

Creative Storage

Since she sheds are pretty small places, storage is one of the key components to consider. 

You want enough open space that you can actually fit in the room without having to put something outside. But you also want to fit all the supplies you might need inside. Hidden or functional storage are your best bet here. 

This way you can fit yourself and your things into the room. But make sure you’re thinking carefully about where you put things, so you don’t lose track if you have a lot of small items.

Close up of a craft station, a wooden table covered in containers with various stickers, colour pencils, and other craft supplies.

Insulation and Waterproofing

If your she shed is outdoors and away from the rest of your home, you’ve got to think about insulating and waterproofing the space. Otherwise, even if you clean up a shed, it’s still going to be sensitive to the temperature and get dirty easily. 

Insulating the space means you can stay inside for longer, since you won’t be driven out by extreme cold or heat. 

Waterproofing is probably the most important though. Most standard sheds allow for a little bit of water to get in – especially if they’re old and not well looked-after. You want to ensure water, dirt, and air aren’t getting into the room so all your stuff is safe inside. 

One of the most popular she shed ideas is a gardening station. Image of a shabby shed that has a single chair inside.

Connect to Electricity

This is only a consideration for extensions or detached she shed structures. Electronics aren’t a necessary part of a she shed. Depending on the purpose of the room, you might be fine with portable electronics like bluetooth speakers and a laptop. 

But if you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the room, you’ll be more comfortable with electricity. This will let you connect lighting and have charging stations in the space with you. 

Read for more information about how to use different kinds of lighting to help create the perfect space. 

Home office setup with a laptop, desktop computer, and an adjustable overhead lamp.


The beauty of a she shed is that you don’t have to worry about matching it to the rest of your home! If you have some personal tastes that won’t work anywhere else in your home, this is the perfect place to try them out. 

Remember, this space is just for you. Make sure you enjoy how it looks and feels.

Popular she shed ideas include a space to do exercise. Image of a person stretching on their yoga mat in a small personal yoga space, with big bookshelves covered with books and plants behind them.

Easy She Shed Ideas

These she shed ideas will help you build the ideal personal space. Regardless of what you’re using the space for, if you follow these steps, you’re going to have the perfect little slice of paradise just for you. 

Whether you need help with building the space, patching up an old shed, connecting the electricity, or waterproofing the structure, our expert contractors are here for you! Contact us today to get started.

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