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The Cleaning Fix: a clean home never felt this good

This week we are incredibly excited to launch The Cleaning Fix. We connect you to vetted and reliable cleaners. The Cleaning Fix is double impact; supporting cleaners and the carers of their children – a clean home never felt this good!

How does the cleaning Fix work?

It really is as easy as 1,2,3.

  • visit com/clean/ and enter your details, booking time and duration.
  • Select from a list of matched cleaners.
  • Pay securely and conveniently online.

And BAM – soon your house will be in tip top shape!

What do we mean by double impact?

Many of our cleaners are mothers, and one of their biggest challenges is to ensure their kids are taken care of while they earn for the family. Our fee structure includes a contribution towards a child carer to look after the cleaner’s child while they are at work. As the customer, you are supporting two families!

“I have a ten-month-old baby now.  The Cleaning Fix is willing to pay for the person who is going to  be with my child while I am at work.  So that gives me that feeling that I will be free while I’ll be working,” says Jane, one of our cleaners who is happy to know her child will be cared for.

How else are we empowering our cleaners?

Another way we are empowering the cleaners at The Cleaning Fix to thrive is through our development workshops.  At these workshops we discuss the importance of financial planning, goal setting and how to work professionally in customers’ homes.

“Last month, March, we went to the training and the workshop,” says Stella, one of our cleaners.  “It was awesome.  There were so many things we learnt like how to work with customers, how to clean and so on.”

Jane adds how she also benefitted from the workshops greatly.  “I learnt how to use my money better, more about cleaning and how to work with customers,” says Jane. 

Excited for the future:

Our cleaners are excited for the future, and so are we.  We hope it is a profitable journey for them and look forward to supporting them along the way.

“I am very happy to join The Cleaning Fix because I know I will make good money and I will make a living.  I look forward to having a great future with The Cleaning Fix,” says Jane.

“I’m excited.  I can’t wait,” says Stella.

Watch Jane and Stella speak about The Cleaning Fix here. 

Book a cleaner here, and support our ladies.  A clean home never felt this good!

You’re in good company