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The Fix Forward application process

Have you ever wanted to join the Fix Forward platform? If so, then this is the blog post for you!  Our application assessment is quite the process, and so we thought we’d help by breaking it down for you.  Below is the step-by-step process as well as answers to some frequently asked questions.


 Step one: apply via our website

In order to apply to become a Fix Forward contractor, you will need to visit our website: https://fixforward.com/become-refer-a-contractor/.  Here you will first be asked to run through a checklist to ensure you qualify.  Should you qualify, you will then be asked to fill in a contact details form.

Step two: application form

If you meet our requirements, we will send you an application form to complete which includes a section for three references.

Step three: references

We will then call these references to check on the work you did for them and the service you provided.

Step four: one on one interview

Once we’ve done your reference check, we will call you for a one-on-one interview where we will find out more about your business and how you deal with clients. At this stage, we also find out whether you work with a regular trusted team or if you use casual roadside labour.


Do contractors work for Fix Forward?

No they don’t. All our contractors are independent and run their own businesses. Fix Forward provides business training and connects contractors to additional business to supplement their own client base.

Is there a joining fee?

There is no joining fee.  However, in order to make the Fix Forward service sustainable, our contractors pay us a small commission for each project they successfully win.

How does job allocation work?

Job leads are posted on trade WhatsApp groups where contractors can sign up for the jobs that they are available and have the relevant experience to do. However, we do give the biggest jobs to the best rated contractors as they have built trust with us. This provides an incentive for our contractors to excel and ensures our customers consistently get only the best service.

What are the benefits of joining Fix Forward for local business owners? 

At Fix Forward our contractors get increased access to the marketplace of clients looking for contractors to get their renovations done.

We also offer amazing opportunities for our contractors to upskill themselves and their businesses with our Business Development Program. All our contractors get access to our group workshops that cover everything from marketing and quoting to financial management and professionalism. They also get access to professional business mentors and life coaches who assist them in applying the learnings from the group workshops.

We hope this helps you.  Should you have any further questions we are more than happy to help.  You’re welcome to call us on 0860 995 999 or email us directly at info@fixforward.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  All the best for your application, and we look forward to having you on board!

You’re in good company