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Three garden upgrades

We spend a lot of time speaking about how to upgrade the interior of your house, but what about the outside?  Having a good garden set up affords you an excellent relaxing space, and a brilliant entertainment area.  Here are our top three outdoor renovations, to help you create the outdoor living space of your dreams!

Idea one: Patio

Picture this: it’s a lovely warm evening and a slight breeze makes its way through the trees. You’re sitting on your patio, watching the sky turn gradually darker as you say goodbye to summer, and welcome autumn.  The smell of braai wafts through the air, making the neighbourhood jealous.  It all feels so nostalgic, yet here you are living it.  The quintessential South African evening, on your very own patio.

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Daydreams aside, patios and decks are genuinely a great investment.  They allow you to make better use of your garden and add a lovely entertainment area to any house.  Outdoor spaces, such as decks and patios increase curb appeal and are part of what makes your home functional, attractive, and valuable.  We cover the benefits of patios more in depth in this weekly newsletter – so go on give it a read!

Idea two: water feature

Water features are widely praised for their calming properties, and indeed the calming sound of running water is but one of the many reasons we love them.  If placed at the front of the house, they can increase curb appeal – talk about making a statement! If placed at the back, they can provide a relaxing retreat.

Water fountains are also great because they are low maintenance, widely adaptable to the space available and add to the overall look of your house. They are especially good for homes that don’t quite have enough space for a swimming pool – and indeed are a lot more cost effective too!

Fun Fact:

This Fix Forward customer occasionally uses her water feature as a splash pool – now that’s value for money.

Idea three: built in braai

A built-in braai is another great addition to any garden.  Imagine all the wonderful summer evenings you and your loved ones could enjoy from the comfort of your home!  There are many different variations you could opt for such as a steel braai built into the wall, or a brick braai built further out in your garden.

Aside from the immediate value you and your loved ones will get, few things get potential buyers more excited about a home than a beautiful built-in braai, and that’s where the added value comes in. Potential buyers see a built-in braai and immediately picture themselves enjoying countless weekends.

Did any of these ideas grab your attention?  If so allow one of our expert contractors to turn that daydream in to a reality!  Book a contractor here.

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