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Tips to increase the value of your property – part one

Your house is most likely your single most valuable asset and so naturally when it comes to selling your house, getting the best price possible is the ultimate goal. Knowing how to improve the aesthetic impact and with that the market value of your home is vital in ensuring this.   Not all “improvements” or renovations will actually increase the value of your house and so knowing which areas to invest in is important.  For this series we have started by identifying the two most valuable rooms to invest in, the kitchen and the bathroom.  Below are some ideas on how to enhance those rooms.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the most valuable room in your house, making it the best room to invest in.  A full kitchen remodel will add serious selling power and massively increase the value of your home.  There are of course simpler cost-effective ways to increase the value of your kitchen, without doing a full remodel.  Here are some suggestions:

1. Paint kitchen cupboards

A repaint can revitalise and modernise your kitchen, whilst saving you the far bigger expense of refitting the entire room with brand new cabinets.  Also keep in mind that kitchen cabinets accumulate grease and grime from cooking, and so a repaint will give your kitchen a fresh clean look.
Book a painter.

2. Install new cabinet handles

Installing new handles is another easy way to instantly modernise and freshen up your kitchen.  It is also a good idea to fix any misaligned doors.  This is a super easy DIY project, but of course you can book a carpenter here

3. Install a backsplash

Installing a kitchen backsplash will instantly boost the value of your home.  A backsplash protects paint and prevents against the growth of mould.   If you are DIY inclined here is a lovely tutorial on how to install a backsplash. If this is out of your comfort zone, book a tiler

The Bathroom

The bathroom is another valuable area of your home to invest in, especially when trying to impress future buyers.  Here, unlike a kitchen, a full remodel is not ideal as you won’t necessarily recoup everything you spent to update it.  Instead smaller fixes are a better investment as they add value whilst still being cost effective.  Here are some suggestions:

1. Add storage

Ample storage is now one of the most desired attributes in a home, and bathrooms are typically short in this department.  Adding a vanity cupboard or some floating shelves can remedy this and add value to your home.  Book a carpenter.

2. Replace the taps

This is a great way of renewing your bathroom’s appearance and adding a clean modern touch.  Book a plumber.

3. Replace the toilet seat. 

Another very easy quick fix that will uplift the overall look of your bathroom is replacing the toilet seat.  This is especially important if the current toilet seat is starting to look worn.

4. Redo the bathroom flooring

This is a bigger job, and you’ll likely require one of our tilers to do this.  Laying a new floor can instantly bring life to a bathroom and by saving the new homeowners a job you are adding serious value to your home. Book a tiler.

If you have any marks or damp showing on your bathroom walls it is ideal that you get one of our painters in.  Again, this is a relatively easy way of improving the overall aesthetic and adding value to your home. Book a painter.

We hope the following tips and ideas are helpful, and that they assist you to substantially increase the value of your home. Many of these are easy projects that can be done as smaller DIY projects.  Of course, our expert contractors are just a call click away, so don’t hesitate to book one now.  We have loads more to share so stay tuned for part two.

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