Home Improvements

Tips to modernise your kitchen

The year is in full swing and your inspiration for that kitchen upgrade is too! I’m a firm believer that even big visions can be built on a budget. Here are our 3 biggest tips to get you started.
P.S If you need a few extra hands, we can help!

Pick up that paintbrush

Kitchen cupboards contribute a lot to the overall aesthetic of the space. Give older, wooden cupboards a more modern by painting them and changing the handles to something more modern.

Lightbulb moment

Nothing looks appetizing in fluorescent light, so why not ditch it for more ambient lighting with spotlights over worktops? Now it can be both enjoyable and useful.

Top it all off

Despite what the 90s may have you believe, laminate doesn’t have to be gaudy or kitsch.  Change your kitchen worktops and revitalise the space with this cost-effective option.

You’re in good company