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Top Trends for Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are an integral part of kitchens. Not only do they determine how much storage space you have, but they play a large role in the overall design of your kitchen. Mixing current trends with classic design staples will ensure that your kitchen design ages well. 

If you’re considering remodelling your kitchen this year, get up to date with the latest kitchen cabinet trends.

Image description: white marble counter tops with white laminated cabinets

Minimalist Design Options

Minimalism has taken the world by storm. Clean lines, geometric shapes, and organic curves are in. 

With this trend, kitchen cabinets aren’t meant to stand out. Natural wood grain cabinets or monochrome options that allow the cabinets to blend in with the background fit well into this design trend. 

When it comes to cabinet handles, you won’t see many intricate designs. Instead, there’s an emphasis on function. Simple handles or knobs that won’t distract from the clean lines are the perfect options.

Minimalism is a great option if you want to create a feeling of openness and more space. Less is definitely more with this year’s kitchen design looks. 

Kitchen cabinets with simple white or mint green paint, accented with simple white countertops

Kitchen Cabinets with Display Pieces

While some cabinets are used to hide unsightly crockery or even just to store groceries, this doesn’t have to be the case! Creating display cases out of your cabinets is a great way to highlight some kitchen items while still being functional.

You can display your fancy glasses or cooking items in a way that adds to your kitchen. By making them a focal point, you might have less hiding space, but it will elevate the look and feel of your kitchen.

You don’t need to turn all your cabinets into display cases. Turning all your cabinets into open shelving will leave you without any space to store your less pretty items!  

Open shelving breaks up the bank of cabinets and makes your kitchen feel bigger. 

White kitchen cabinets next to wooden floating shelves displaying an assortment of plates, glasses, spices, and plants.

Wood Is Making a Comeback

Not too long ago, everyone was either replacing their wood cabinetry or painting over the raw wood. Now we’re seeing natural wood pieces making a comeback!

Popular saturated colour schemes work really well with stained wood cabinetry. The wood look brings everything together because it counterbalances the saturated colours, while also adding a nostalgic feel to the space.

Simple wooden cabinets with hidden handles

Mixed Material Kitchen Cabinets

Combining different materials like wood and metal not only offers a unique look, but can be incredibly durable when done right. Mixing materials gives you more creative freedom as you aren’t restricted to a singular feel or finish. 

Just don’t go overboard and add every single material option into your kitchen space! If you do this, the space might feel cluttered. 

Kitchen cabinets with a steel look to them, paired with white marble countertops and saturated wooden flooring.

New Kitchen Cabinets Make All the Difference

Whether you’re redoing your entire kitchen or simply updating a few items, changing your cabinets can help you completely refresh the space. By updating your cabinets, you bring a new feel into an outdated space without too much effort.

Blending trends with your personal style is a great way to ensure your kitchen design stands the test of time. If you’re ready to start updating your kitchen cabinets, hiring a carpenter can speed up the production process.

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