As we continue to expand here at Fix Forward, we need to grow our team of tradesmen to deal with an increase in demand. And that’s where you fit in! We’re looking for skilled tradesmen from low-income areas so that we can empower them to be successful entrepreneurs through the use of our platform. If you have recently worked with someone who matches that description, and felt that their service was of a very high standard, please read on to find out more about referring them to Fix Forward.

How do Tradesmen benefit from joining Fix Forward?

▪ Most tradesmen who join Fix Forward experience a marked increase in turnover
▪ Access to online Entrepreneur Development modules
▪ Access to Trade and Business Workshops
▪ Increased Exposure
▪ They run their own business with Expert Mentoring and Support

“Before joining Fix Forward my business was not getting enough work. After joining this organisation, my average turnover has almost doubled. I am being taught how to run my business professionally. Seven months ago, I did not have any clear goals about my life let alone my business, but now everything is crystal clear. Fix Forward was the missing link to success: they didn’t promise us stars but they are giving us more than we could ever have expected!” – Herbert Makamba


Herbert Makamba

How do I refer a tradesman?

▪ Click on Refer a Tradesmen
▪ Fill in the short form
▪ For more information on the process, Click Here

Who do we need?

▪ Tilers
▪ Pavers
▪ Builders

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