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Unique Skirting Board Ideas

Skirting boards are the feature that wrap around the bottom of the interior walls in your home. Most people don’t pay them much attention, which is a shame! This small functional feature can also be stylish, with an ability to completely revamp the feel of your home. 

Keep reading for some unique skirting board ideas and inspiration. 

Close up of a pile of wooden skirting board offcuts.

Pop of Colour

Sometimes your space isn’t big enough to add an accent wall. This is where creative skirting board ideas can help you out.

Skirting boards let you bring in an accent colour, without taking up any extra space. But because they’re so low on the ground, people don’t think of them! 

Finding the balance when bringing in an accent colour to a room can be tricky. You want the colour to be noticeable, but if the room is small or the colour is particularly vibrant, it can feel overwhelming quickly. This is where your skirting boards can be a huge help!

If you paint your skirting boards a bright accent colour, you’ll still feel it in the space, but it’s toned down by being below eye-level. 

Room with a feature wall of green, bringing in an accent colour to the otherwise grey and white room.

Match Colour to Wall

Sometimes you want to make a room feel larger than it is. A great way to do this is by painting the skirting board the same colour as the wall. 

This extends the colour of the wall, making the entire wall seem larger. But don’t worry, the skirting boards still do their job by finishing the look of the wall and neatly moving from wall to floor. 

Skirting board ideas include matching the skirting board colour to the wall, making the walls look taller and the room more spacious. Image of an empty room with laminate wooden flooring, and white walls with plain white skirting boards. The far corner of the room has some built-in kitchen appliances.

Textured Skirting Boards

If you’re hesitant about changing the colours of your skirting boards, don’t worry! There are more ideas for you to try. Even if you stick to traditional colours and combos, you can add some dimension to the space. 

This can be achieved with textured skirting boards. Much like textured cornices, these boards usually have more grooves than standard ones, which adds depth and elevates the space. 

Skirting board ideas include textured skirting boards. Image of a passage between the kitchen, lounge, and some other doors, white walls with textured white skirting boards and brown laminate flooring.

Wall Panels

Wall panels have a similar function to skirting boards, but they go about halfway up the wall instead of just along the ground. If you’re really wanting to bring in some depth (especially without making any major colour changes) then this is a great option.

To bring your dream wall panels or skirting boards to life, hire an expert carpenter.

Extend your skirting board ideas with wall panelling. Image of a lounge with a vibrant leaf wallpaper, and a plain grey wall panel that wraps around the room halfway up the wall.

No Skirting Board

The idea of removing the skirting board is a controversial one, because it makes the room seem unfinished. But it creates a similar effect to matching the paint colour of the skirting board and the wall: it makes the walls (and the space) look bigger. 

This idea works best in spaces where a slightly rugged or unfinished look can work for the style of the room. Studios, garages, and workout spaces typically don’t have this feature. If you’re going for a minimalist, brutalist, or similar kind of style, then this could be perfect for you. 

Relatively empty room with light grey walls, minimal furniture, big windows and metal window frames, and no skirting boards.

Use Unique Skirting Board Ideas

These unique skirting board ideas let you make a small change that has a big impact on your space. When you’re next looking for an easy way to revamp your space, consider changing up your skirting boards!

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