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Using Hidden Storage to Organise Your Home

Dealing with a lack of space is part of being a homemaker. Finding places to put all your items can be a difficult job, especially if you don’t have much space to start off with. But if you don’t put everything away, your home feels cluttered. 

If you find yourself never having enough storage space, keep reading to find out more about some hidden storage options to organise your home.

Why you need hidden storage - coffee table cluttered with pot plants, mugs, and other trinkets

Hidden Storage for Your Kitchen

Kitchens are notorious for their clutter. From junk drawers to appliances you only use once or twice a year, kitchens bear the brunt of disorganisation. While it’s easy to pile things into a kitchen, it’s a lot harder to organise without a plan.

Hidden breakfast stations have become increasingly popular as a way of solving this problem. By hiding away appliances like your toaster, kettle, and blender, you save you a ton of counter space. A large cabinet with a cantilevered door at the bottom allows you to use the appliance without unpacking them each time.

Adding extra wall outlets is also a great way to help you hide your appliances. This way they aren’t bound to specific locations. 

If you hire an electrician to add sockets to specific cabinets and drawers, you won’t need to remove the appliance to use it. This way the appliance never needs to sit on your counters!

hidden storage would solve problems like this - a row of appliances taking up a lot of counter space in the kitchen

Makeup Organisation Made Easy

Your bathroom and vanity area are usually the next biggest obstacle. Items you use every day tend to stay out on the counters, taking up unnecessary space. But packing them away seems redundant, since you’ll use it again so soon. 

This is where easy-access hidden storage options come in. 

Mirrors with storage compartments are a great option when it comes to organising makeup. You need a mirror anyway, so why not store your mirror and makeup together? You can either opt for a freestanding mirror with built in storage, or a mirrored cupboard door.

organising makeup - collection of brushes on a makeup counter that are organised in jars

Your Stairs Might Be the Answer

While staircases are necessary, most staircases are wasting valuable space. Under-stair storage might require some finessing to fit perfectly, but instead of losing out on this space, you’ll have a brand new storage option.

Shelving along the walls of the stairs is also a great place to display any knick knacks that you can’t find space for elsewhere. 

hidden storage options - under the stairs or in between the stairs is usually big open space

Optimise The Storage Space You Already Have

When it comes to creating more space, you need to also take a look at what you already have. Adding more storage options will also feel cluttered if you don’t properly optimise them. 

Start with your junk drawers. Empty them out and donate or throw away what you don’t use. A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t used the item in three months then you don’t need to keep it.

Simply adding dividers to your drawers gives you more space to work with, and it’s easier to keep everything organised inside the drawer. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg either, you can easily DIY some dividers!

shallow and short shelf with spices in little labeled jars

Using containers to organise your fridge and spices will ensure items take up less space. Spice rack drawers and hanging spice racks will not only keep the spices off of your counters, but you can also place them in spaces that are hard to use for anything else! 

You can even hire a carpenter to build custom storage solutions for you if you can’t find anything that works.

Built-in cupboards are also typically underutilised. If you’re just piling linen and random items in your cupboards, it’s a recipe for disaster. You won’t be able to find anything and might even end up purchasing duplicates.

When it comes to organising your built-in storage spaces, containers and labels are your best friend. If you can find items by easily scanning your shelves, you’re more likely to keep up with your organisational efforts.

piles of clothes on a shelf, no organisation to them so they're hard to navigate

Frequently Asked Questions

What hidden storage options are best?

The goal of hidden storage is to maximise the amount of space you have. First identify the rooms or spaces in your home that are too cluttered. Then think of ways you can use storage options to organise that clutter.

There are also hidden shoe storage ideas you can utilise. Shoe drawers inside your cupboards or hanging shoe racks behind doors are a great way to have your shoes take up less space. When it comes to hidden toy storage ideas you’ll need to get creative. You need storage options that are easy to access, but don’t take up much space.

Consider storage options that fit underneath your furniture, or can be hidden from view. If you already have built-in cupboards, think of how you can better organise the items in this space to create more room.

Is it worth it to invest in kitchen container storage?

Kitchens are one of the first places to get cluttered. Not only do most kitchens have a junk drawer, but appliances also take up a huge amount of counter space. 

Using different storage containers and dividers to maximise your drawer space will make a big difference. The fewer items you have on your counters, the better. Your kitchen is more enjoyable when you can access all of it!

cluttered kitchen counter

Storage Solutions for Every Space

Getting rid of the clutter isn’t always the right answer to your problems. Using hidden storage solutions to optimise your space might take some time, but you’ll be thanking yourself once it’s all done. 

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