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Ways You Can Use Tiles to Decorate Your Home

For a long time, tiles have been the practical choice when it comes to easy to clean surfaces in your home, but over time people have started using tiles for purely decorative purposes. With their varying colours and sizes, there are endless ways you can incorporate them. Keep reading to learn some of the ways you can use tiles to decorate your home!

A kitchen with various utensils and blue tiles on he walls.


Add Texture

Tiles are a great way to liven up a space since they can be used to add texture. There are a few ways you can do this:

Textured tiles

While the more popular tile options are smooth and glossy, there are also various matte finishes you can choose from. Natural rock texture tiles are also a great option to add texture to your home while still having a natural appearance. You can even get tiles that are cut into 3D shapes to create depth.

Create a Feature

For example, stacking rectangular tiles in opposite directions can create a textured effect. This method will only work for tiles with longer or unique shapes.

A bathroom with a tub and heated towel rack. Blue tiles on the walls create a pattern.

Create Patterns

You can also use tiles to create patterns in your space. The easiest way to do this is by alternating the colours of the tiles. 

If this sounds like too much effort, you can even look at getting tiles that have patterns printed onto them! That way, you just need to lay the tiles, and the pattern on the tiles takes care of itself. 

You can also use unusually shaped tiles to create patterns. For example, hexagonal-shaped tiles create a striking patterned effect without alternating anything about the tiles themselves. 

The kitchen and bathrooms are the most popular spaces to use patterned tiles. Creating a visually striking space can help improve the value of your property

Beige pattered tiles with a wooden desk in front of the tiles.

Accent Features

A subtle way to incorporate tiles in your space is by using them as an accent feature rather than a main focal point. 

Accent features could be a small line of tiles to split the height of the wall. Or lining door frames and windows with tiles. This way, the room’s focal points can be accented without needing to bring new furniture or decor into the space. 

Tone Down a Space

A small or busy space can easily feel cluttered and overwhelming. An easy way to tone down the space is by using small tiles with a similar colour grout. This smooths out the space and can make it feel clean and fresh without adding to the busy-ness of the room.

Use Tiles To Decorate Your Home

Tiles are an easy way to transform your space. With these tips and tricks, you can completely alter your home’s appearance. 

If you want to use tiles to decorate your home, don’t hesitate to reach out! Book one of our expert tilers; they are happy to help you redecorate your home!

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