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What is cable management and why do I need it?

Cable management is the organisation of cables connected to electrical devices.  It is vital when it comes to wiring databases with many cables – and a quick glance at the image below will reveal exactly why.  That being said it is a great principal to incorporate into your home as well.

This is because cable management:

  1. Ensures ease of use
  2. Creates a visually pleasing and clean environment
  3. Reduces the risk of fire
  4. Makes troubleshooting easier.

Overall, cable management is essential for maintaining organisation, functionality, and a proficient and nice-looking environment.  Cable management can be fun too.  Below are some crafty ideas to help you and your family get organised whilst being creative!

Idea 1: DIY recharge station

This is a great way to declutter kitchen counters and make your kitchen look that little bit snazzier. Not only do the recharge stations hide all the cords, but they keep everything organised and in one place.   As useful as charging stations can be in decluttering, they are not something shops tend to stock.  So why not get creative and make

your own.  Here are two great tutorials to get you started.

Tutorial one (requires wood work): https://lilluna.com/diy-charging-station/

Tutorial two (simple and kid friendly): https://www.homedit.com/diy-charging-station-ideas/shoe-box-charging-station/

Idea 2: Hiding computer cords

Hiding computer cords instantly creates a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing environment.  The simplest way to do this is with a cable zip,

which wraps around the cords.  Cable ties work in a similar way providing a cost effective alternative.

Of course, you can get creative too.  Look at this quirky wiring to get inspired: https://kodi.tv/article/feature-friday-cords-away.

Idea 3: Cord holder

Cord holders are another neat way of organizing cables.  They can also be cute and fun.  For a crafty afternoon project why not try creating some of your own.  One option is to run your cables through decorated binder clips.  You can also decorate a peg to hold your earphones or model a cute animal out of clay to hold cables.

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Lockdown has been a hard time for everyone, and our hope is that these creative and fun ideas will not only help make your space that little bit more organised, but that you will have fun doing them.  Of course, it is best to leave big electrical projects to the professionals.  Book your electrician now if you have any bigger ventures in sight!

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