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What to Include When Building a Granny Flat

A granny flat is a great way to use the extra space on your property. Not only do you create space for another person to live on your property, but that person can be independent from the main house. 

These are useful if you’ve got aging parents you want to keep close and support. They’re also a popular option for people who want an easy source of passive income. 

But building a granny flat isn’t a quick process. You’ve got to do a lot of planning, get the right permits, and more. But before all of that, you’ve got to figure out if you’ve got the space for it. Keep reading to learn about what you need in your granny flat. 

Welcome mat in front of a doorway

Bedroom and Bathroom

The bare minimum for a granny flat is somewhere to sleep and somewhere to shower and go to the toilet. Since a granny flat typically only has one bedroom, the most common choice is for the bathroom to be an en suite. 

In bigger granny flats, there might be space for a spare bedroom too. If this is the case, then it’s a good choice to put in another bathroom as the general access bathroom. This means the person in the spare bedroom can use it, as well as any guests who visit. 

Double bed with cream and beige bedding and decor in the room. A granny flat isn't complete without a bedroom.


The next bare minimum requirement for a granny flat is the kitchen. It doesn’t need to be huge, but there must be enough space for a fridge, some countertops, cupboards for cutlery and crockery, a sink, and an oven or stovetop. 

Some people get creative with the space and use one of the counters as a dining room table area. Or, based on the layout of the kitchen, fit a small table and chairs in there too. 

This is a great addition, since most granny flats aren’t big enough for a dedicated eating space. 

A small kitchen with white cabinets, laminated flooring, and a two-seater table and chairs against the window

Living Space

It’s always good to make sure there’s enough space for the person to relax in. You don’t want the only options to be lying in bed or going out. 

A living space usually needs a couch or some chairs, a central table, and maybe a TV. These spaces don’t have to be huge. But it’s best if they’re big enough for guests to fit in comfortably. 

Mustard colour couch with a white lamp, rug, pot plant and table around it. Some relaxing space is important to bring a granny flat together.

Stoop and Garden

One of the most commonly forgotten elements of a granny flat is a dedicated outdoor space. A small stoop for some chairs and a table won’t take up too much extra space, but it’ll make a huge difference to the person living there. 

You can decorate this stoop with some plants and window boxes to bring a sense of nature to the stoop. If there’s enough space for it, it’s nice to dedicate a small nearby patch of the garden to belong to the granny flat too. 

Wooden stoop with a small two-seater bench below the window. Further back is a swing chair. Stoops and private outdoor spaces are a nice touch for a granny flat.


It’s ideal that the granny flat has its own entrance. Based on the current layout of your house, this might mean altering your driveway too. 

The driveway should have space for the extra vehicle without the risk of someone being parked in. 

Long driveway bordered by green hedges and tall green trees.

Building a Granny Flat

A lot of people misunderstand just how much space a granny flat actually takes up. For the flat to be functional, it’s not enough to create a free standing bedroom and bathroom. You’ve got to ensure all the basics are included. 

This means there needs to be a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and some living space. If you’ve got the room for it, a stoop and some private garden space are bonuses. And don’t forget the logistics of the driveway!

Once you’ve got the granny flat all planned out, hire our expert builders to bring your ideas to life!

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