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What we’re doing to help during COVID-19

“COVID-19 is having an impact all over the world, but we  feel the pain particularly of small, informal businesses – like our contractors. They don’t have cash reserves, and many are not able to access the support made available by government, because of their informal nature”

Josh Cox, Fix Forward founder and CEO.

COVID-19 has changed life as most people know it – at least for now. Due to the current nationwide lockdown we are partially closed as South Africans work together to stop the spread of the virus.

We are still able to offer essential services

We are not able to operate as usual during the lockdown, but Fix Forward is still able to take requests for contractors.

During this time our contractors will be able to:

  1. Quote (now off plan, rather than in person)
  2. Attend to emergency enquiries for plumbing and electrical work

Care and support for our contractors

At Fix Forward we always do our best to support our contractors, and this situation is no different.  Our contractors are valuable members of our team who we care deeply about.
Currently we are:

  1. Actively sharing relevant information with contractors and answering their queries as they come in.
  2. Assisting individual contractors with support and advice if they are in desperate circumstances as a result of not being able to trade and generate income.

How can you help fellow South Africans during this trying time?

This pandemic is an incredibly difficult time for many and has left numerous individuals in a scary financial situation.  Wage workers and low-income earners in particular will need help to make it through this time.  Below are some suggestions on how you can help if you can:

  1. Consider offering financial support to anyone you employ informally (gardener, domestic cleaner, etc) – even those who you only get in from time to time.
  2. Make it easy to get money to them by using  e-wallet and other mobile transfers
  3. Find your local Community Action Network (CAN) and reach out to see where you can lend support.
  4. Support local businesses where possible.

“In these extraordinary times we need to pull together to support the most vulnerable people in our communities. The burden of responsibility falls particularly to privileged people who are not struggling to feed their own families” Josh.

We look forward to serving you soon

We wish you, our customers, strength during this trying time and look forward to serving you again soon.

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