Why I like Fix Forward – customer review

“I always recommend Fix Forward, and I myself like using Fix Forward, because you can have your house done and support a good cause.  You’re supporting someone’s dream and their future.” – Ielhaam.

Ielhaam has used Fix Forward contractors not once, not twice, but five times.  She’s had a variety of work done such as roof maintenance, plumbing and vibracrete.  This week we met up with her to find out exactly what it is that keeps her coming back.

All maintenance under one roof

“I like the fact that all maintenance is in one place so that you don’t have to go shopping around” says Ielhaam.  At Fix Forward we offer a total of elven trades on our website, and pride ourselves in having all your maintenance needs covered.  Our contractors offer everything from small handy man jobs to houses from the ground up, making us a one stop shop for all your maintenance needs.

“I also love the fact that they give you a few contractors, so it’s not about hassling around to get quotes.  It’s nice that you don’t have to go around and get quotes from multiple places, and that its all in one place” added Ielhaam.

Ielhaam’s favourite contractor

“I love Alfred, he did my plumbing.  I like that he tells you what’s wrong and then he also gives you tips to prevent it from happening in the future, which he doesn’t necessarily have to do but he does.  For example, my outside drain kept getting blocked and I had to use various plumbers.  Then when Alfred came, he said that what was actually happening is weeds are growing around my drain, and that all I needed to do to prevent it blocking was keep the area clean.  He saved me money and hassle, and the other people could have told me, but they didn’t” says Ielhaam.

Supporting a dream

“I strongly recommend Fix Forward.  You are going to spend that money anyway, so why not support someone’s dream” says Ielhaam.

Our contractors work hard, and regularly go the extra mile.  Your support means the world to them and allows them to pursue their goals and aspirations.  At Fix Forward our contractors dream big, and support like Ielhaam’s is what allows them to flourish.

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